2018 Jan 06 – Version

  • Fixed the issue with changing the date and time of the order after edit.

2018 Jan 01 – Version

  • New – Weight is now exported in order exports
  • New – follow up upon “Complete Order” for new customers only
  • New – Print receipt confirmation also applies to Sales
  • Fixed the message upon unsaved data in setup
  • Register closure now prevents manual entry (for cash total) if coins/notes are used
  • Fixed the issue with “Converting” the order not setting the order date properly. This was a long standing issue for people using “Quote/Booking – Pickup / Delivery” features.

2017 Apr 23 – Version

  • Updated code signing certificate to continue providing automatic updates.

2017 Apr 02 – Version (rolled back)

  • New: Add duplicate button on new order window
  • New: Allow empty on “Send SMS From” to help SMS delivery  (Setup -> Business Setup)
    New: Setting SMS reply to to help receiving email replies on some platforms
  • Fix: Selecting tax on services worked unpredictably. It’s fixed.
  • Improvement: Description presets do not fit on the page – 3 columns for over 20 items (New Order Window)
  • Fix: Customer’s total order count/amount/visits/points update bugs upon editing the order is fixed.

2017 March 01 – Version

  • New: Added {TotalDiscount} to email, SMS and custom print templates.
  • New: Added {TotalPriceWord} {AmountPaidWord} {AmountLeftWord} {TotalIncTaxWord} {TotalExTaxWord} {TotalTaxWord} to email, SMS and custom print templates. These are to convert price to text. For example 29 will be converted to “Twenty Nine”.
  • New: Added a new check in place to prevent submitting the order edit if the total payments are more than the total orders. If editing an order generates an order with less value, we should refund the extra payment before editing the order.
  • New: Now you can send bulk invoices to account customers including the orders you have already sent invoice for. This will automatically remove the invoice from the original invoice and adds it to the new invoice. Just answer “Continue” when prompted.
  • New: Message confirmation before making a customer default.
  • Fix: Fixed the issue with duplicating orders disappear when submitting.
  • Fix: Custom print templates: the layout for replacements was fixed to accommodate unlimited replacements.
  • Fix: Placing order for the customer for second time, used to reset the client extra field – fixed.
  • Fix: Client extra field setup was creating issues – fixed.

2016 December 20 – Version

  • New: Supporting Arabic for prints and all customer end communications like email and SMS
  • New: Changing the font size instead of having large and small size fonts
  • New: Access Client information from SMS report window
  • New: Print order button on STP (soon to pickup) window
  • Fix: Make STP numbers to respect the “include soon to pickup checkbox” in “Setup -> Services”.
  • Fix: The issue with pound sign having an extra character in exports.
  • Fix: Submit order button (in case order window is closed accidentally)
  • Fix: Fixed wet tag cut (for one item)

2016 October 10 – Version

  • New: Add new order window, entering item quantity by typing.
  • New: “{TotalServiceAmount}” tag for custom print templates was added to show the total amount for each service.
  • New: added customer measurements to customer export
  • Improve: ability to add AMEX card details on the customer details window.
  • Fix: store credit was not getting applied when complete.

2016 September 12 – Version

  • New: Duplicate order function.
  • Improvement: Fixed html email display issues.
  • Improvement: Enforcing opt-out reply STOP on marketing text messages for a better delivery rate.
  • Improvement: On “Client account bulk invoicing” re-send to client the prompt now gets closed after email sent.
  • Improvement: “Client information window” gets closed after save.
  • Improvement: fixed crash issues when completing the orders on “Outstanding Orders Report”.
  • New: Allow entry of customer’s custom (extra) data on the new order page.
  • New: Showing rack numbers on order report.
  • Showing the name of the services in order detail set up – tasks table.
  • New: Added customer’s default affiliate onto customer export.

2016 July 31 – Version

  • New: Order edit notifications including the before edit and after edit changes.
  • Improvement:Add individual order amount and date to bulk invoices.
  • Improvement: In the “client report” Date Of Birth (DOB) column added.
  • New:Ability to precisely set the total in-store credit and points spending.
  • New: “{Location}” on the rack tag added to the orders export.
  • New: “{ClosedBy}” tag added to the sales export.
  • New: “{CompletedBy}” tag added to the order export.
  • New: “{TotalServicePieces}” added to the print template.

2016 June 05 – Version

  • Improvement: Changed the default sort date and time to pick up date on DP window
  • Improvement: Support for .cleaning email verification
  • New: Added {OrderDate} {OrderTime} {SaleDate} {SaleTime} to the email templates

2016 Apr 03 – Version

  • New: Edit customer’s points.
  • New: Default customer for sales and orders.
  • New: Improved bold font size on receipts.
  • Fix: Issue for sale detail “Notes” field not saving.
  • Fix: Issue with description box not resetting upon new orders.
  • Fix: Issue with calculating turnaround time on “Submit” and “DP” windows.
  • Improved delivery rate on bulk SMS

2016 Jan 25 – Version

  • New: Being able to exclude clients from the loyalty program.
  • New: Displaying the total change due after opening the register.
  • New: Opening the register upon taking the payment for multiple orders for account based customers.
  • Fix: Not being able to add a new payment method
  • Fix: Issue with extra big quote calendar size

2015 Dec 11 – Version

  • Fix: Email invoice does not work for unpaid orders.(when using client extra fields)
  • Fix: Filters on the order report does not affect the export.
  • New: Total Paid, Total Outstanding added to the order export
  • New: Add item Supplier, Brand, Product Type, Supply Price, Total Paid and Total Outstanding to the sales export
  • Fix: Client extra fields does not appear on the client information window before saving the customer
  • Change: Changed daily pickup and submit window date format to hh:mm
  • New: Number of the orders for each day in dp window
  • New: Amount of the orders on DP window

2015 Nov 8 – Version

  • New: {TotalincTax}, {TotalExTax} and {TotalPieces} on the email and SMS invoices + bulk invoices.
  • Fix: the scroll issue on new order window
  • New: the total items count while entering the order.
  • Fix: Crash when merging the payment methods
  • Improvement: Major improvement and bug fixes New Order window.
  • Fix: Total SMS count does not get updated on the SMS report window

2015 Oct 11 – Version

  • Fix: Barcode does not print when multiple services.
  • Fix: Print template ignoring more than one template.
  • Feature: STP count update to show the services on hover.
  • New feature: Added {PaymentMethod} to all templates.
  • New feature: Added {NewPointsEarned} to all templates.
  • Fix: Issue with charts disappearing.

2015 Sep 15 – Version

  • Price multiplier by percentage allowing you to increase or reduce all item prices on the “New Order” window at once.
  • Improved “In place editing” to allow editing the processed orders.
  • Auto-Print closure report upon closing the register. You can also re-print the previous closures in the closure report.
  • Assisted help – click the “Question mark” on all “Setup” and “Tools” pages to navigate to the relevant documentation.
  • Re-ordered setup tabs for a more logical representation.
  • (fix) Remove all the payments upon register closure.
  • Included the “Cash Register Start” in the closure report.
  • Allow negative offers (to track up-charges)
  • “Unsubscribe from SMS” now also applies on Follow ups messages.

2015 Aug 10 – Version

  • Add company logo to receipts. Please check the instructions here. (Epson printers only)
  • Customize your receipts using the new print template designer tool. Find out how here.
  • White label. Now you can change Geelus logo in the header to your company’s logo. This feature comes free of charge with the Large Edition and is a paid feature on other plans.
  • Add title to the client information. Use the client title anywhere from SMS notifications to email invoices.
  • Safer cash drawer with the option to enable / disable individual users.
  • Print a receipt upon order completion. Activate this feature in “Setup – > Business Setup -> Prints -> Print After Order Complete”.
  • Export Order Details Setup.
  • Automated account password retrieval.
  • Skip auto-calculated pickup day for specific days of the week. i.e. Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Option to bypass security app and only reply on IP Address security to prevent employee / manager access.
  • Re-send SMS notification from the SMS report window
  • Sending list of orders to affiliates.
  • Send the bulk invoice to another email address.
  • Option to disable turnaround time change in the new order window.

2015 May 27 – Version

  • Change Time Zone (Setup->Business Setup).
  • Change Printer and Cash Drawer type (Setup->Business Setup).
  • New trigger has been added to the Follow up system to allow creating follow ups when a new client places an order.
  • Real time updates. Once the configuration changes in the setup or a user profile is created or edited, all the open instances of the program get updated to apply the change without program restart.
  • Edition text on the top right and the button to allow upgrade
  • Day of the week is added to the invoice date.
  • Improved speed on all Order Reports
  • Bigger scroll bars to improve touch responsiveness
  • Bug fixes

2015 Mar 15 – Version

  • Follow ups – find our more
  • Client custom extra fields now can be added to the emails and text messages as well as follow ups and prints.
  • “Done All” button has been added to the “Daily Pick up” window to make it easier to set the jobs done
  • New filter in SMS report allowing to filter SMS messages by type; Order Ready, Bulk and Follow up
  • Improved speed on “Outstanding Orders” report accessed from “Tools->Order Report”
  • Improved speed on Client Report accessed from Tools
  • Improved speed on Client Accounts Report accessed from Tools
  • Enabled “Paste” in client phone on the “New Order Window”
  • Bug fixes

2015 Feb 15 – Version

  • In-Store Credits
    • Add store credit
    • Refund as a in-store credit
    • Spend in-store credit on orders
    • Spend in-store credit on sales
    • Report for in-store credit payments in “Income Report”
  • Reward point system improvements:
    • Allow using the points on sales
    • Report for point payments in “Income Report”
  • In-place editing allowing add/remove items to an order.
  • Edit order email notification.
  • Weight feature to enable charge by weight.
  • Closing the sale feature allowing to find outstanding sales easier.
  • Improved and simplified edit profile window.
  • Copy and paste passwords.
  • Sales email invoice & template.
  • Ability to set negative price for order items or products.
  • Added ccv to credit card window.
  • Swipe Credit Card to add client credit card information.

2014 Oct 26 – Version

  • Customer Loyalty Program – to find more click here.
  • Preview and refund previous payments in “Complete/Add Payment” window.
  • Software Setup has been moved to the top level menu.
  • Categorized the business setup for ease of access.
  • Radical improvement including elimination of the full data refresh on merge and save giving it a smooth experience. Extra check on each step ensues solid, error proof data manipulation.
  • Automatic data saving when navigating in various set up tabs enforcing data integrity.
  • Added client information on sales report.
  • Large number of improvements and bug fixes.

2014 Sep 14 – Version

  • Support for order location save and retrieval
  • Support for automated conveyor (http://www.hiemac.com.au/)
  • Support for 24/7 automated pickup dropoff system (http://www.hiemac.com.au/)
  • Https (secured http) support. Please access via: https://app.geelus.com
  • Support for credit card save and retrieval. (in order to work with this feature, make sure to use the https)

2014 Aug 10 – Version

  • Introducing custom fields for customers. Now you can add any number of custom fields to a customer and save your customized data. You can also print the custom fields on the client and store receipts
  • Introducing Default for Clients and Services. Now you can set the default affiliate and default offer for each service and client and when it comes to inserting a new order, your default offer or affiliate will be selected automatically.
  • Printing the receipts for all services is now included. You can create automatic prints including all services instead of just the dry cleaning or alterations service.
  • One button print for all item tickets of an order.
  • Total refund to the orders and sales reports added
  • Accumulated total tax added to income report.
  • Save the state in submit window
  • Reset totals button on the register closure page and preventing auto reset totals on navigate
  • Numbering for items for item ticket. e.g.: 1 of 6 – 2 of 6 …
  • Printing total piece count on the receipt
  • User interface improvements
  • Bug fixes

2014 May 04 – Version

  • Multiple tax support – allowing to have a different tax for each service or product.
  • Export or email all employees’ time sheet.
  • Displaying the percentage done on the client information window.
  • Showing all outstanding client orders upon opening the client information window.

2014 March 09 – Version

  • Sales & Inventory (access from home page and setup from Tools->Setup->Sales)
  • Sales report.
  • Register Closure & Reports (Tools->Register)
  • Time Sheet custom date report (start and end date instead of week)
  • Offer percentage modified to enable fraction numbers (i.e. %5.5)
  • Auto-resizing the uploaded images on the fly. (No need to find 80×80 images. Simply find your image and upload!)
  • Fast order entry system – On the “New Order” window, SKU text box allows to enter the order’s shortcut (SKU can be defined in Tools->Setup->Order Details->Task Details->SKU).
  • On Screen Keyboard On/Off button located on the top of the screen allows to temporarily turning the “On Screen Keyboard” on or off.
  • Order Report has been moved to the second tab of the Tools page.

2014 Feb 05 – Version

  • Touch screen keyboard
  • Add new order window: Search customer by name or phone number.
  • Ability to set the item grouping’s display order.
  • Flexible layout for new order window allowing to change the size of the items panel.
  • Paging support in new order window (multiple pages of items supported).
  • New color code for not picked up but paid in full.
  • Including tax in income report export.
  • Location of the “Back”  and “Add new item” buttons swapped to match the new layout improvements in this version.

2014 Jan 12 – Version

  • New: Configurable payment methods
  • New: 2 new payment categories added : Bank Transfer and Other
  • New: Configurable services
    • Set the name of the service (Alterations, Dry Cleaning ,…)
    • Set the chart color for each service.
    • Set the extension for all service orders. A123 -> B123
    • Set the display order of service in new order window
  • New Reports
    • New: Get orders by payment date report
    • New: Income report
    • New: Get report by person submitted the order
    • New: Get Bookings
  • Speed Improvements
    • 80% faster charts
    • 20% faster software load time
  • Ability to filter multiple service types in report pages
  • Add First Name / Last-name in SMS/Email templates
  • Color coded orders for different stage of the order
    • Completed orders
    • Picked up but not paid
    • Quote/Booking
    • Picked up and full balance paid
    • Not picked up and not paid
    • Deleted orders
  • Set all picked up button to set all the orders picked up.
  • Client Phone, Street, City/Suburb and Zip/Postcode tags in email invoice template
  • Larger Calendar on submit window for easy touch
  • Calendar in Submit window hides previous dates to avoid mistake
  • New: Option for exclusive tax from the order price in business setup
  • New: Configurable email invoice subject
  • Additional customer information fields on new order window
  • Layout improvement for software setup
  • New: Configurable printer names
  • New: Bulk Invoicing – click to find out more
  • New: Quote/Booking/Pickup/Delivery System – click to find out more

2013 November 07 – Version

  • Added IP address security to limit IP addresses the software can be accessed from – Set your IP address in Tools->Setup->Business setup
  • Layout improvement for Home Page
  • Enter customer details at any time during the order
  • Total discount on receipts
  • Running total on the order page
  • Set all 100% done button
  • Print all dry cleaning tags button

1 October 2013 Version  –

1- Navigate to Tools->Clients

2- Get the report of your clients in any period of time.

3- Filter your clients to make sure you only send SMS to people with mobile number.

4- Click on the SMS icon on the right side.

5- Type your SMS (you can customize the SMS using the tags)

6- Push the send button to send your message!

02 September 2013 Version  –

  1. Customer Report Page – A brand new page for managing the clients and can be accessed from “Tools -> Clients” page.
    Using this new feature, you can find your best customers in any given period of time. You can also have a filtered list of all your clients based on phone number, name, zip/post code and more..
  2. Refund is now supported and can be found in the “Complete/Add Payment” window.
  3. “Client Information” window is update allowing to complete multiple orders of a customer together. Another new feature is the ability to filter the client orders by order date.
  4. Adding n days to the detault pick up date in submit window. For example if n=1 and today equals to Tuesday, the default pick up day when opening the “Submit Window” is going to be Wednesday. This option can be found in “Toos->Setup->Business Setup-> # Of Days To Add To Pickup Date” option.
  5. Support for adding payment and completing multiple orders of a client. (Refer to 3 – Client Information Window)
  6. Automatically sending email invoice upon entering an order. (to enable, go to Tools->Setup->Business Setup)
  7. Client’s number of visits (Client information window). This value is incremented by one every time a client places an order.
  8. Total Client Orders (Client information window). This value is incremented every time a client places an order.
  9. Sending SMS to home/work numbers not prompted any more.
  10. If the turnaround time for an item is zero in the order details setup, the software proposes a default turnaround time on each order based on the item price and the stored capacity to do the job.
    This value can be updated from: “Tools->Setup->Business Setup->$ Amount Can Be Done Per Hour”

07 May 2013 Version  –

  1. Brand new booking management system to allow precisely calculate the total time booked and avoid overbooking days
  2. Dry cleaning tickets re-designed
  3. Ability to set the number of pieces for clothing types. (used in printing dry cleaning tickets)

07 May 2013 Version  –

  1. Client orders on home page is now ordered by date ascending. This means the recent orders appear on top of the list.
  2. “EFTPOS” payment category has changed to “Card” which is a more internationally used word. However this is one of the physical categories of payment. There are three main categories of payment: Cash – Card and Cheque.  Each one of these categories can have one or multiple sub-categories to handle different methods of payments. For example “Card” category can have only one method called “EFTPOS” or multiple methods like: “AMEX”, “Diners”, “Visa”… All the payments of type “Card” will be added up under the “Card” payments report.

    We are working on a report for each type of payment and this feature will be in the next version. If you need to add more types of payments, please let us know and we’ll add them for you.

  3. Cash drawer icon has changed to look like a real cash drawer.
  4. The logo is changed