Charts give you an easy graphical representation of the volume of your orders and customers plus your employees’ performances. Additionally it’s a great decision making tool when it comes to advertising. On top of that it will help you forecast your coming months based on your past months records.

There are four types of charts in Geelus:

  1. Orders: shows your store’s total orders on a daily, weekly or month basis.
  2. New Clients: displays your store’s new customers on a daily, weekly or month basis. This data helps you to decide when to advertise.
  3. New VS Returning Client Orders: this chart is to help understanding how happy your customers are with the quality of your job. Theoretically you should expect this number to go up over time.
  4. Done by user: give you a graphical representation of data for the performance of each employee. Simply select an employee, select type of report (daily, weekly, monthly) and click “View Chart”.


  1. All / Store Total: shows you the orders before deducting the amount payable to affiliates and after that. To find out more about affiliates click here.
  2. Before Discount Check box: if this checkbox is checked, you will see the data before discount. Find out more information about offers and discounts here.
  3. Legend shows you the definition of the chart colors.
  4. Export button, exports your data into “CSV” format for further analysis. For example if you wish to check your data quarterly, half yearly or annually.