Client Report

Client report gives you a powerful tool to analyse your customers spending and get a filtered list of your customers based on a large number of categories. Then the filtered list can be exported to CSV format for further analysis on programs like Microsoft Excel.

There are 3 types of searches:

  1. Insert Date: Report based on the date customer inserted into the system.
  2. Last Order Date: Gives you a report based on the date of the last order by the client.
  3. Order Date: Report based on date of any order by the client.

Bulk Text Message (SMS)

Once you got a report of your customers and filtered based on your desired criteria, you can send a text message (SMS) only to those customers by following these steps:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the client name to select it. In order to select all customers, use the checkbox on the top
  2. Click SMS button located on the right side to open the SMS panel.
  3. Write your SMS and click “Send to Selected Clients”.

Personalized Message

To create personalized SMS, you need to use tags in your message. To use tags follow these steps: (Windows)

  1. Double click a tag -i.e {FirstName}- to select it
  2. Copy into clipboard by holding ‘CTRL’ and pressing ‘c’ on your keyboard
  3. Click on the message box to activate it.
  4. Paste into the message box by holding ‘CTRL’ and pressing ‘v’ on your keyboard.


Please make sure to comply with the spam regulations before sending any SMS. Most of the countries require you to provide a means to unsubscribing to your clients. This can be done by providing a number that they can reply to unsubscriber.

To unsubscribe a client: 

  1. Locate the customer using the search boxes on the home page.
  2. Client “Client Detail” to open the Client Information Window.
  3. On the right side, scroll down to the end to see the option “Unsubscribe from SMS”.
  4. Check the box and click “Save” on the top of the window.