Daily pickups window

Daily pick up window (DP) is one of the most important windows in Geelus. It helps you to pro-actively take care of the orders before due date and time. To open “Daily Pickups” window, click on the “DP” icon located on the top of the page. This window shows all the orders due to be picked up on any day. Simply select the date and you will see the orders.



  • To sort the orders based on pickup time, click on the “Pickup On” column’s header.
  • To check only the jobs that are not “Done” click “View not 100% done only” checkbox.
  • To check only the orders that are not “Complete” click “View uncompleted only”
  • To print a list of all orders (via the thermal receipt printer), click “Print Orders” button.
  • To show only orders of a specific service type, deselect the checkbox next to other services and keep the desired service checked.
  • On the grey box, you can see more information about how busy is that day and if it’s overbooked or not (status).
  • Set the jobs done by clicking the “Add Progress” button located on the very right side of each order (bottom grid) looks like an empty rectangle.AddProgress. This button also shows what percentage of the job done. i.e. half of the button turns green if the job is 50% done: AddProgress-Half (similar to a progress bar)