Email, SMS & Invoice Setup

This sections allows you to customize notification text messages (SMS), notification emails and email invoices.

Tips, tricks and functions:

  1. The default format of all emails is text. As you as you place HTML in the templates, your emails will be sent as HTML emails.
  2. Place the full html page in the template for the best result. Html editing of your email templates is an advanced task. Make sure your email template looks perfect on all browsers and all major email providers.
  3. To add image to your HTML emails you can use a free image hosting services like flicker or Google plus.
  4. On the top of the page you can see the tags. A tag is a placeholder for an actual text. For example if you use {FirstName} in your template, when it comes to actually sending the message, the first name of the customer replaces the tag {FirstName}. It’s important to type the tags exactly as they are. Tags are case sensitive. You can simply copy and paste the tags but to make sure tags are exactly added, follow these steps to copy and paste them:
    1. Double click the tag or select it (including the curly braces).
    2. Hold CTRL key and hit C on your keyboard to copy the tag into the clipboard.
    3. Place the cursor where you would like to paste the tag.
    4. Hold CTRL key and hit V on your keyboard to paste the tag.
  5. Make sure the number of characters in your text message (SMS) does not exceed 165 characters or you will be charged twice. Every 165 character is considered one message. To be safe, try to stay below 150 characters.
  6. To add Client Extra Field on emails or text messages, put the label or the extra field between “{” and “}”. For example {Preferred Color}. To find out more about client extra fields click here.