Setting an order done and ready to be collected

Watch this video to learn how to set an order done and ready to be collected.

Each one of the users are responsible to inform the system about the job they have processed and the percentage. If there are more than one task to be done on one piece of garment and therefore more than one person is involved, each user must set the percentage of their share of the job done.

There are two ways to set an order done:

Method 1: (one task at a time)

1- Search the order by one of the methods mentioned in the “Searching an order”

2-Click on “Update Progress” button located at the very right side of each task.

Update Progress

3- Click on the “+” icon

Done 2 Done 1

4-  Set the percentage done, and click on “Done!” button illustrated below. “Apply to all” check box is to apply these settings to multiple items with the same task. i.e. Two pairs of pants both with shorten or both with dry cleaning task.

Done 3

5- Set your pin and click “OK”.

6- Progress window and the “Update progress button are updated to reflect the order progress.

Done 4

Done 5

Method 2: (all tasks at the same time)

  1. Similar to method 1, search the order
  2. Complete all the tasks in the order by clicking on the “Set All 100% Done” button located at the right side of the order.setalldone
  3. Enter your pin if prompted to.