Closing the register:

  1. Saves the state of the cash drawer and resets cash register to zero (or float amount). This data can later on be accessed by going to Tools->Register->Closure Report.
  2. Sends notification email(s) to all users having “Receive Register Closure Reports” option activated.

To activate a user to receive the cash register reports, click on “Edit Profile” buttonEditProfile on top of the page, check the “Receive Register Closure Reports” check box for intended user and click “OK” to save.

At the end of working shift, follow these steps to close the register:


  1. Count the coins and enter the quantity in the related coins field.
  2.  Count the notes and enter the quantity in the related notes field.
  3. Set the register start (float). To set the register start figure permanently, navigate to “Setup->Business Setup -> Register Start”.
  4. Enter card/cheque/bank transfer and other figures.
  5. Click “Close Register” to close the register.