Sales Report

Sales report gives you a report of all the items you sold through the “Add New Sale” window. In order to get a report, set the “From Date” and “To Date” and click “View Report”. This will give you a report of all the Sales placed within the period.

On the top, there are 2 tabs named “Credits” and the “Sales”. “Credits” tab shows you the total amount paid for the sales” The “Sales” tab shows you the sales made regardless of the payment being processed.

Modifying the sales

Clicking a record will show you the details like the items, pricing and payments. To modify, change anything you see in the report and click “Save” save-icon to persist your changes.

The “Add Payment / Refund” button is to process a refund or add a payment to sale.

Deleting the sale

There are two types of delete: permanent and temporary. Employees or Managers can only see and access the temporary delete button DeleteOrder. The “Include Deleted Orders” checkbox on the “View Report” button is to get a report that includes temporary deleted items.

The permanent delete button is only accessible by Owners. (users with the role of Owner). delete Sales that are deleted using this button cannot ever be retrieved.