For a list of compatible printers and how to buy, please click here.

Following are necessary for the printers to work with Geelus:

      • Windows operating system.
      • Geelus must be installed instead of running in the browser. For instruction on how to install, click here.

Follow these steps:

      1. Install your printer – list of available drivers are at the bottom of the page.
      1. Navigate to “Control Panel -> Devices and Printers” (or hold Microsoft key and press “S” and then search for “Devices and Printers”.
      1. Rename Receipt printer to: Receipt Printer (*case sensitive)
      1. Rename Dry cleaning tag printer to: Tag Printer (*case sensitive)

In order to rename the printers:

      • Windows Vista, 7,8 and above: right click on the printer name and click on “Printer properties”.
      • Windows XP: select the printer and press “F2” key on your keyboard.

Important steps if you are using a “Star Micronics” printer:

      • Run the printer configuration utility and select “ECS/POS” mode and OK.
      • From the menu on the left, select “Print Job Routing”
      • Make sure “Enable ESC/POS routing” check box is checked.
      • Navigate to “Setup -> Business Setup” and from “Hardware / Peripherals” section change “Thermal Printer Model” to “Star”.

Please create a support ticket or send an email to if you need to set another name for your printers.

Note: (optional)
Default names [Receipt Printer] and [Tag Printer] can be changed to a custom name following these steps:

      1. In Geelus, navigate to “Setup->Business Setup
      1. Scroll down until you see: “Thermal Printer Name” and “Impact Printer Name”
      1. Modify the printer names
      1. Click on the “Save” button.
      1. Make sure to change your printer names in control panel accordingly.

Add your logo to the prints

To add your company logo, please check this guide.

Printer Drivers