What is an auto print?

When placing a new order or sale, the system will automatically print a receipt.”Auto Prints” setup, allows you to set the template of the prints, the quantity of the prints and whether to have price or bar-code on each print output.

To set up Auto-Prints:

I- Navigate to “Setup->Auto Prints”


To add a new automatic print output:

  1. Click on the “+” button to add a new print output.
  2. Set the “Print Order”. This is the order that this print gets printed. For example if you wish your customer receipts to print first and then the store one, set a lower number for the print with client template.
  3. Set the “Template”:
    1. Default Store Template: is created based on the minimum requirements to be displaced just for the store reference.
    2. Default Client Template: is created based on the information necessary for a client receipt.
    3. Custom Template: Allows you to select from a list of the your templates. Find more information about how to customize template here.
  4. Set the “When to print” by setting whether this item will be printed when placing a Sale or an Order.
  5. If you select “Order” in the previous step, you can choose the print to only print items related to any service by setting the “Service”. If you click “X” next to the services drop down list, it will change to all services which means the print output will include all the services.
  6. Set whether you wish to “Print Price” on the receipt.
  7. Set whether you wish to “Print Barcode” on the receipt.
  8. Click “OK”.
  9. Repeat steps 1 to 8 to add more auto-prints.
  10. When all prints are added, click on “Save Changes” button to save all your changes.

To change Auto-Prints:

  1. Click on the auto-print you want to modify.
  2. Apply the changes and click “OK”
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 for all the services you want to change.
  4. Click on “Save Changes” button.

To Remove Auto-Prints:

  1. Select Auto Print you wish to delete.
  2. Click minus “-” button to remove it from the list.
  3. Click on “Save Changes” button to save all your changes.