SMS / Email Follow ups (Medium & Large editions only)

One of the most important features of Geelus is the automated email or SMS trigger by an action. This is called follow ups.

For instance if you wish to send an SMS to your customers one week after their order is completed – to make sure they have been satisfied with the quality of your job – you should create a follow.

Follow these steps to create a follow-up:

  1. Navigate to “Setup->Follow-ups
  2. Click the + button to add a new followup
    1. Followup Name: Just a name for the follow up. “One Week After”
    2. Trigger Action: is the action that triggers the follow up to be created. Select “When order is completed”
    3. Delay: is the delay between creating a follow up and sending it. Since we want the SMS to be sent 1 week after the order completion date, put 7 in the first text box; Day(s)
    4. Send At A Fixed Time: if you want to send the follow up at a fixed time (ie 2:00 PM) check the box and select 2:00 PM from the drop down list
    5. Skip Week Days: By clicking the button, you can select days that you would like to be skipped – ie. weekends
    6. Send Email: If checked, the follow up will be sent via email; Uncheck
    7. Send SMS: if checked, the follow up will be sent via SMS; Check
    8. SMS Type: For most of the languages ASCII works fine. For a complete documentation on ASCII and Unicode please check Wikipedia – ASCII  Unicode
    9. Also Send To Number: also sends the SMS to a fixed number
    10. Also Send To Email: also sends email to a fixed email address
    11. Confirm Before Create: will open up a confirmation box and asks you whether or not you want to create a follow up
    12. Leave the “Subject” field on the right side empty (this is an SMS so subject does not matter)
    13. Type your messages on the “Template” area on the right side below subject. You can choose any of the tags on the top to personalize your message. For example if you want to have “Hi John” John being the first name of your customer, type: “Hi {FirstName}”.
  3. After you filled all the fields, Click “OK”
  4. Click “Save Changes”

Now that you’ve created a followup, any time an order is completed, an automated follow up will be created. This follow up message will be sent one week after the order completion date.

To check the delivery of the follow up messages:

  1. Click SMS button on the top of the page
  2. Select the period you would like the report on
  3. On the right side, select the type of the SMS to “Follow Up
  4. Click  “View Report”