Soon to pickups window – STP

The purpose of “Soon to Pickup Orders” window is to alert orders that are due shortly but still not “Done”. You can change the number of minutes you would like to be alerted before an order is due, in the “Setup -> Business Setup -> STP Minutes”.

The default value is set to 90 minutes meaning that 90 minutes before a job is due for collection, Geelus will alert you by showing you the number of jobs to be done on the top of the page as well as turning the clock to red:  Stp

Clicking on the clock icon (Soon To Pickup Orders) will open the STP window.

Note: Soon to pickup window is no where near as important as the “Daily Pickup” window and should not be used much. Instead waiting to be alerted, your business should pro-actively take care of the orders by using the “Daily Pickup” window. Find our more here.