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Where do I start?

To start using Geelus, please refer to our getting started guide by clicking here.

What hardware, peripherals and computers do I need to use with Geelus?

To find out about recommended hardware, peripherals and computer specs, please click on this link.

Where can I buy printer, bar-code scanner and cash drawer that works with Geelus?

To find out about where to buy the peripherals please click here.

What is the daily work flow for using Geelus. How to work with the system every day?

For a complete demonstration of a typical day with Geelus, please refer to: A Typical Day With Geelus page by clicking here.

How to setup item and pricing?

To get help on setting up the items, pricing and other details, please click here.

How to create offers and discounts?

For help on creating, updating, removing, activating and deactivating offers/discounts, please click here.

How to add offer / discount to an order?

Click here for selecting an offer /discount for an order instruction.

How to add and process an order? How to serve a customer using Geelus?

For complete instruction on processing a new order, please click here.

How to work with another business and pay/receive commissions?

To precisely calculate your income, either when you send your orders off to another business or when you receive orders from another business on a commission basis, you should use “Affiliate” when inserting a new order.

In order to use affiliate, first you need to set up the affiliate business in Geelus. For help on setting up the affiliates, click here.

In order to use the affiliates, you need to select the affiliate while placing the order. For help on selecting an affiliate, click here.

How to check employee performance?

To check employee performance follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Tools” button located at the top left side of the page.
  2. From the drop down list select “Done by user”.
  3. Select the employee you want the report for
  4. Set the time period you want the report for.
  5. Click on “View Report” button.

Now you can check the total amount this employee has been produced for your store plus all the orders.

How to get my total cash, card and cheque report at the end of the day?

To get the total cash, card and cheque sales at the end of the day:

Click the “Tools” and then “View Report” button. Now you can view the balance devided into “Cash”, “Card” and “Cheque”.

How to setup my printers with Geelus?

To learn how to setup your printers, click this link.

How to setup cash drawer to open automatically?

To learn how to setup your cash drawer, click this link.

How to setup bar-code scanner to work with Geelus

To learn how to setup your bar-code scanner, click this link.

How to use employee time sheet?

For instructions on how to use the time sheet in Geelus, please click here.

How to add more users or employees

Please click here for information about how to add, remove and update user profiles.

How to edit an order?

To learn how to edit an order that already inserted into the system, click here.

How to send bulk SMS?

Please check this link for sending bulk SMS.

How to run customers’ reports?

For information about clients’ reports, please check this link.

Can I use a shared printer?

Yes, you can use a shared printer. To access a shared printer, put:


in the “Setup->Business Setup -> Thermal Printer Name” or “Setup->Business Setup -> Impact Printer Name”.