Update 6.4

Welcome to the January 22, 2020 release of features. We hope you like the latest updates in this version, the highlights are as follows:

New release

  • Added “Items quantity” to transaction report
  • Delete customer feature
  • New closure tags in register closure: {TotalRecorded}, {TotalActual}, {TotalDifference}

New improvements

  • Add transaction Id to all lines even the line items in transaction export. This helps better manipulation of transactions in excel.
  • Prevent negative quantity when placing or editing new transaction. Negative quantity is only available upon refunding/returning.
  • Transaction export: discount/surcharges for line item has changed to show the dollar amount of the discount instead of the percentage.
  • Register closure report changed to have negative when actual is short.

New fixes

  • The by due date default filters sometimes show on the by date page.
  • Editing items with long names cased the save (check) button to disappear
  • The selected transaction history report type does not automatically reset upon navigating to the transaction history page.
  • Multiple phone number editing on the edit customer is not appearing properly
  • Fixed the export to csv issue with multi-category (with prefix) transactions
  • Edit transaction does not automatically select the price book for the customer.
  • Fixed the issue with discount not immediately applied on transaction detail edit upon changing the price.
  • Prevent showing NaN or undefined if the store’s “Production per hour” is zero.
  • Fixed the issue on importing pricebooks with deleted items from existing stores.

Deleting a Customer

Please follow the guide below to delete a customer:

  1. Navigate to “New Transaction”.
  2. Search the Customer on the search bar.
  3. Click on the name of the Customer.
  4. Choose “Edit Customer”.
  5. Click on the Trash Bin button on the top right corner of the Edit Contact page.
  6. Confirm by clicking “Yes delete” on the dialogue box that will appear.