Why our customers worldwide love Geelus.

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Free Support & Updates

We truly care about our clients and their business. Our clients love geelus, and you will too with free updates & incredible support.

Loyalty Program

Take care of your loyal customers using the build-in loyalty program. Allow your customers to collect points and spend on their orders or purchases.

Account Management & Bulk Invoicing

Using the account management system, you can send bulk invoices to your customers and once the payments are received, enter in the system with a click of a button.

SMS & Email Marketing

Cash flow problems for the month? No worries… drive cash to your business by sending an email or SMS to all your customers. That easy!

Time Log System

Want to make sure employees come and go on time? Use the advanced time sheet system in geelus to keep the track of all employees’ entry and exit times.

Runs Your Conveyor

When the customer comes to pick up, Geelus moves your automated conveyor system to bring the garments to the counter. This will help large dry cleaning businesses to be far more productive.

Your Golden Goose!

Geelus has a dedicated application for your customers to automate your pick up and drop off. With proper hardware installed at your door front, you can have your own golden goose that brings you money even when you are asleep!

Beautifully Simple

Geelus is easy to learn and a joy to use, you can get started in minutes, and because it’s cloud based software, you always have the latest features, and never worry about backing up your data again.

Designed only for ...

Geelus is designed professionally for dry cleaning, laundry, alterations, tailoring and embroidery industries. These businesses have a lot in common or in many cases, work as an agent for each other.

Increase customer loyalty via…

  1. Automated email and SMS follow up that allows you to send automated personalized emails or text messages to your customers long after they left your store. Create a follow up once and let the system take care of your customers forever…
  2. SMS marketing: A powerful tool to filter your customers by any criteria and send bulk personalized message.
  3. Email marketing: Geelus is integrated with the world’s best email marketing applications. Now you can collect your customer emails not only from your website but also through your POS software.

Mobile Reporting

Interested to know what’s going on in your store?

Thanks to mobile reports, now you can check your store at any time without the need to be there.

You can get a report of your income and orders on any period of time making sure you are on track all the time!

Powerful Time Sheet System

Make sure everyone is on time using the Time Sheet feature in Geelus.

  • Your employees can clock-in and out any number of times during the day or you can set a default break time.
  • You can email or export the time-sheet for all your employees at once.
  • Easily find out each employee’s performance on hourly basis using the powerful reports.

Customer Accounts / Receivables

Are you dealing with many customers that pay at the end of the month?

Geelus is equipped with a great tool to eliminate the hassle of sending invoices and setting all the items paid. It’s a fast system and can be done in a fraction of a second instead of hours.

Full Featured Pick Up / Delivery Tracking System

Do you have someone driving around, picking up the garments and deliver to you?

Geelus helps by:

  • Booking a time to pick up the garments
  • Helping the driver navigate to the pick up address
  • Placing the order for the customer upon pick up
  • Notifying the customer by SMS/Email when their order is ready
  • Helping the driver to deliver the items back to the customer
  • Advanced routing and appointment setting / notifications through tookan.
  • Find out more here.

Before geelus I was using another program for three years. Poor support and old style program. I couldn’t even change my computer’s resolution!

Now I love the features geelus is giving me especially the SMS reminder to my clients and all the nice charts for how my business is growing.  I’m also very happy that when my employees do strange things like deleting an order, I get notified and I can revert it back if I want to.

I like the simplicity of the program and prompt customer service. I’ve already recommended it to my friends and I recommend it to anybody in dry cleaning industry looking for the best software to use…

Amauris JimenezOwnerStop and Drop Cleaners

Hooray for geelus!

Having been in the industry for over 25 years, we only wish we had this great software from day one.

MOST importantly the Geelus support team have always been available to explain, coach and to solve problems any time of the day or night.

Make the switch. It will be one the best decisions you make in your business.

Angela MantzavinosOwnerHarbour Town Clothing Alterations and Dry Cleaning

geelus made it all possible.” I’ve been in the industry for over 44 years and I’ve never seen a software as good as this one.

As someone who specializes in dry-cleaning and has served Sydney Olympics 2000, this is by far the perfect solution to not only increase productivity but also measure employees’ performance and track the business any time, anywhere!

I’ve been impressed with geelus for their level of support. geelus POS system is the best for me. It’s simply amazing! I believe this is a must for any dry cleaner.

Jeff GruberOwnerAladdin Dry Cleaning - Laundry

The geelus POS system is an absolute gem! 

When I first started I was using endless invoice books, stamping the dockets, writing by hand. Then I was trying to remember when items needed to be ready, and who needed to be called.That was just “the had” to know now stuff! 

 customers love that they get an SMS, they love that their details are in the system. I love that I can treat my customers to such a wonderful tool.

Suzan StewartOwner/ManagerI Sew

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