Getting started video

Hello, and welcome to the getting started video, if you are watching this video it means you’ve already completed the sign up process, if not please create a new account on and after finishing the sign up process you’ll be back to this video. The first thing after signing up is to set up your store. We’ve made it simple for everyone to get started fast. You can literally set up your entire store in a minute and start serving your customers immediately.

In order to quickly set up your entire store, we are going to use the powerful import store feature in Geelus. Using this feature you can use one of the pre -configured stores we have professionally created and then customize it for perfection. To start, click settings button on the bottom and then scroll down to see the imports. If you have a small screen and cannot see the settings button, click on menu at the top and the button will appear.

Import settings

You can also see the options to import from csv files or previous versions of Geelus but our plan is to import the data from one of the previously configured stores, here we can see a list of available sample stores. Please spend some time and have a closer look at these samples by checking the images to watch in full screen mode and then choose the store which is closest to your type of business. Please note that all imported data can be customized later to match your business. When you’ve decided what store to import, click on the import button. Here, I’m going to select Alterations and Dry cleaning because it gives me more options to demonstrate. On the next page as you can see, I have few steps to import my sample store.

Steps in importing alterations & dry cleaning

After creating the tax, I’ll get back to the imports, now I can select the vat tax I just created and then click on step 2 to proceed. In this step I can select the articles to import like items, attributes, categories, layouts, print templates etc. I suggest importing everything and then later you can remove unnecessary items, so I’m gonna check all the options for now and move on the the next step.

Choose what gets imported

Here you can choose whether everything is added to the register or not. For a clean import let’s add everything into a register. Please note that register refers to any computer or device which is run in Geelus. It’s important to know that before being able to use anything it must be added to a register. For example if you create a payment method, you will also need to add it to the current register to use it, so it’s a good idea to let automated import do it for you.

Add to register

I finalize the import by clicking the import button on the next step and sit back and relax until the import is done. Please note that it could take up to a minute for the import to be finalized. Once done Geelus will automatically load the new data and redirect you to the new transaction page. We have successfully imported our sample store configuration. In our next video, I’ll show you how to place a new transaction.

Finalize import