Set up users for staff / employees

Setting up your staff or users is an important step towards managing your store.

Below are some of the features and advantages unlocked by creating users:

      1. Getting to know your staff and identifying your best employees by production or sales volume.
      2. Preventing or limiting the access to your important data like customers or sales.
      3. Preventing access to certain pages to create a simpler, cut down version of the app to work with.
      4. Securing the access to your cash drawer.
      5. Full featured staff working hours / rostering system
      6. Identifying the employee, placed the order, marked the job done or collected, or charged the customer.
      7. Finding the staff responsible for editing, voiding or refunding a transaction and get related reports accordingly.
      8. Employee time sheets system to keep track of staff clock-in and clock-out and reporting.
      9. Setting up the drivers for your pickup and delivery, setting their availability and the area of coverage, or send them notifications when a pickup or delivery job is booked.
      10. Allocating job to staff
      11. Avoid overbooking a day, calculated based on working staff
      12. Online bookings for bridal appointment

Although you can always start by going to and clicking login button, the better way would be to install Geelus by downloading it from the download link on the website. There is a dedicated app for each platform or device to give you the best experience on each device.

Once the app is installed, there is no need to login each time you start. In addition, the app runs full screen and  connects to your printers directly.

I have already installed Geelus on my Windows, so I just click the icon on my desktop to open it and I’m on the “new transaction” page, right away.

When you login to your store, a pin number determines what user or staff member is using the software. Each staff has a unique pin number to use when working with Geelus.

When you sign up, Geelus creates your user account with no pin number, giving you the maximum access as the owner. This means anyone can open the app and get instant access to your entire store data. Therefore you need to add a pin number to your user to secure your account.

To add a pin number, either click on this icon and select “Edit user” or click “Settings” and scroll down to “Users”. The “Users” page allows you to create, edit or delete staff or users. Click on your user to start editing.

The top section is the information about the user like name and last name. The bottom section, allows you to view and edit the access to stores, the role, pin number or timeout.

I’m going to click “Edit” to open the edit window. I click “Create pin”, enter my new pin number and click the check button. Then I re-enter my pin number to confirm.

Activating the timeout will automatically take the user to the pin entry page, ready for the next user to start. Timeout begins counting as soon as the user stops typing or clicking. For example a time out of 30 seconds, means 30 seconds after the user stops using Geelus, the pin entry page shows up.

By default, Geelus creates 3 roles: Owner, Manager and Employee. You can edit these roles or create new ones under “Settings -> Roles”.

By default, Owner role is selected for this user, which allows you to mark a device trusted. Selecting  “Employee” or “Manager”, disallows users from accessing your store from personal or untrusted devices. This means managers and employees can only access Geelus on devices that are marked trusted by the owner.

Default page, is the page user lands on, upon entering a pin number. For example, for the front counter staff, you can choose the “New transaction -> Cart” page to be the landing page and for the back of the house staff, you can select “transaction history”, since their primary job is to find and mark the orders ready for collection.

You can set your staff working hours on this page but there is another page dedicated to managing working hours under “Tools -> Employee working hours / Schedule”.

Click “check” to save your user. “Switch user” button appears at the top right corner. I click switch user to navigate to the pin page. Now another user can enter a pin number to start a session. Now when I close and re-open Geelus, my data is protected by pin.

I enter my new pin to start my session. Notice that I’m now on my default page which is “New transaction”.

I’m going to add another staff by navigating to “Settings -> users”.

Plus button at the top, opens the “Add new user” panel. User name must have a minimum length of 5. Password must include characters and numbers with a minimum length of 8.

I click check to add my new user. Then, I enter all user details. Fields marked by asterisk are required. After I entered all the details, I click the plus button to allow store access and select my store. I create a pin number and enter all required information here. Note that this time I’m going to select “Employee” as the role. I click check to finalize adding the new user.

I can test my new user by clicking switch user button but before I switch, please notice that the currently selected user is “Employee 1”. Now I click switch button and enter the newly created user’s pin number. You can see the name has changed to “Employee 2” which means anything done is registered under “Employee 2”.

Note that since “Employee 2” is using the “Employee” role, the reports menu is hidden and there is no access to settings menu. Access to many other important features are also limited for employees.


CSV (Comma Separated Format) files can be edited using a simple notepad app (not recommended), Microsoft Excel or Google sheets. If you don’t have Excel or Google Sheets, please find the links to use the online versions (free) below:

  1. Microsoft Excel:
  2. Google Sheets: