Setting up products and services – part 1

One of the most important aspects of setting up your store and ultimately automating your business, is to properly setup your products and services.

The majority of the businesses can start with our pre-defined store import and then with some small modifications they are ready to sell.

In this video I’m going to show you how to customize the prices you have already imported on our earlier video. You can change, remove or add new products and services to make Geelus perfectly work for your store. On my next video I will dig more into the pricing and cover more details.

In order to setup your products, navigate to “Settings” and then “Items”. Here you can see the existing items which are imported as part of our default configuration.

Here you can see a list of your items, products or services. If I click on any item, you will see the variants for that item. Variant is a variation of the product or service you provide. Each variant has different attribute that makes it unique amongst others.

In most of dry cleaning businesses, only one attribute is necessary and that is the “Task”. For example if I select Shirt, the task might be “Dry Clean”, “Laundry” and “Press only” which are in fact the variations of “Shirt” and we can allocate a different price to each of them.

In a typical alterations store we have 2 different attributes called “Task” and “Task Detail”. A sample of task could be “Shorten”, “Lengthen”, “New zipper” and a sample of task detail could be “Normal”, “Original” or “Double stitch”.

Variants are powerful tools that help you defined and perfect your pricing structure. I will cover more details about variants on my next video.

Please note that there is no right and wrong setup and it’s only YOU that can decide what’s the right configuration for your store. Geelus gives you many ways to organize your products or services, so please feel free to make a setup that works for you.

To change the price of Dry Cleaning, all you need to do is click on “Edit” and set the new price.

Sure enough you can also rephrase the attribute. I personally like Press only instead of ironing, so I set the Task attribute to “press only”.

On the “Alterations” setup, you should set 2 different attributes: Task and Task details. For  example if you want to change the price of shortening a pair of jeans, you will simply need to click on Jeans and find a jeans that has task of Shorten and task detail of Normal or original.

You can use the shortcut keys: CTRL + F on Windows or Command + F on Mac. To search the page for what you are looking for. Here I can search for “Shorten” and all shortens will be highlighted. I will then need to click edit to change the price.

If you wish to delete a variant, you can simply click “Edit” and then on the bottom of the edit page you will see the “Delete” button.

To Add a new variant, click “Add variant”, enter the details and click “check” on the top right corner to save.

If you wish to change the picture of the item, you can click on the item image and click “Select new image”. This will open your image library and allows you to pick an image. You can upload from your computer using the upload button on the top right corner.

On the next video I will start with an empty setup and give you a complete understanding of items setup.