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Dry cleaning and laundry businesses

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Very satisfied

Nick Nizar F.CEO - Coral Springs, FL USA

The software was very easy to use. Highly recommend the software for laundromat owners.Looking forward to future upgrade on system. Great customer service and very responsive to questions.

Jason H.Owner - Russel Springs, Kentucky USA

I love how easy it is to use this software. It doesn’t require much to setup; just follow the instructions and you’ll have your POS ready to use in little time. I’m so glad I came across this software online.

I can’t think of a negative for this software; it provides everything I need.

Ruth C.Owner - Baltimore, MD USAS&R Laundry Services

“Geelus made it all possible.” I’ve been in the industry for over 44 years and I’ve never seen a software as good as this one. As someone who specializes in dry-cleaning and has served Sydney Olympics 2000, this is by far the perfect solution to not only increase productivity but also measure employees’ performance and track the business anytime, anywhere!

Jeff GruberOwner - North Parramatta, AustraliaLakes Laundry and Dry Cleaner

I love Geelus’ easy setup, elimination of paper works and the text message to my customers. Especially the SMS feature really works great for me because my customers come to pickup their items very quickly.

It’s very easy to use and I just need to pick up my phone and ring to get an immediate support if I need to.

Frank WilcomesOwner/Manager - Goulburn, NSW Australia

Alterations and tailoring businesses

Very easy to navigate and the customer service is always a top notch in this industry. I really don’t recommend this software to anyone! Because I’m gallous and I don’t want anyone to compete with me.I love the text message and the ability to use with my touch screen PC and tablet. I’ve been in the business for over 25 years and Geelus made it so easy to track down everything in my business even when I’m not in the shop.

Walid N.President - Charlotte, USAMyers Park Tailors

I read other reviews, great features of Geelus are mentioned in them, which are true and they are really amazing and very important to the business. But the fact that Geelus team keeps updating the software, perfecting the current features and adding new features by listening to business owners / users is absolutely invaluable and vital to Geelus Success.

Mohammad J.Owner - Canberra, AustraliaOpal Alterations - Tailoring Studio

I switched to Geelus because I wanted to look professional in the eyes of my customers.
Geelus is a convenient software and much faster than writing on piece of paper.

I love the fact that I can customize everything to my taste and I 100% recommend it to all dry cleaning and clothing alterations businesses.

Sonny PtruongOwner/Manager - Michigan, USAUnique Tailors & Cleaners

Easy to Navigate, User Friendly, Customizable for the individual business, Able to run lots of different reports that help productivity, Easy to setup and edit features. All in one software for services performed, products sold, employee time-sheets, productivity logs and lots more. The new version of this program works out a lot of the kinks of the older version and is much more user friendly and works on all types of devices.

Olga I.Account Manager - Spartanburg, USAStaar Tailors Alterations

“Geelus is “THE SOFTWARE FOR TAILORS!” Since we started using geelus in 2008 we are truly on top of our business. We know if we have made a progress since the previous year, we know if we need to advertise more, we know which one of our employees are performing better and we’ve never gone back to the pen and paper. I can see the new orders in the system even when I’m driving! We don’t worry about any backups or where the data is stored.

HadisOwner/Manager - Sydney NSW, AustraliaPrestige Alterations & Dry Cleaning

Having been in the industry for over 25 years, we only wish we had this great software from day one. MOST importantly the Geelus support team have always been available to explain, coach and to solve problems any time of the day or night. Make the switch. It will be one the best decisions you make in your business.

Angela MantzavinosOwner - Biggera Waters, QLD AustraliaHarbour Town Clothing Alterations and Dry Cleaning

The Geelus POS system has been of immediate benefit for our business (Zippy Clothing Alterations, Bathurst, NSW). Thanks to Morteza for his patience, support and availability, to ensure we made the transition from our long time paper based system to a computer based system, in the most efficient and painless way possible. Our clients love the real-time SMS alert that their garments are ready for collection, and the level of detail captured by the system means we can really begin to analyse our price points, workflow planning, and targets like never before.

Amanda KillibyOwner/Manager - Bathurst NSW, Australia

Very simple and easy to use, laid out clearly. I wish I’d known about Geelus sooner. All information/ Jobs/ money on the one software. No more paperwork! No cons so far. Can’t find anything that doesn’t work for me.

Ghosne A.Owner - Marrickville, AustraliaByron Alterations

We are excited to use Geelus in our alterations shop. It will make our life so much easier. Thanks for all the help! Haven’t found anything I don’t like about this program.

Gwendy R.Owner - Bend OR, USAA Better Alteration

Easy to use.Speedy response to any issues Great support to get set-up.There is nothing we’re not pleased with.When looking for a new epos system we were pleased to find this system that is specifically written for our industry. The support has been fantastic. We are happy to recommend Geelus.

Melanie B.Director - United KingdomZippy Stitch

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