Coral Spring Dry Cleaners & Laundry

I’ve been using Geelus Since 2013. The interface is nice, clean and easy to learn but different from the software I was using before. Employees can easily learn it in a few minutes.

It’s been a very reliable system and I’ve been managing both of my stores using Geelus. The fact that I can set up my store the way I want it really helps. Anytime I need help someone is available to call and provide a great support and training.

The feature that I love is being able to connect to my businesses on any computer anywhere I am. My customers love Geelus because of the order ready text message right on their cellphones. Highly recommended.

Claudio Mintzias


Coral Spring – Dry Cleaning / Laundry
Florida – US

Myers Park Tailors

I really don’t recommend this software to anyone! Because I’m gallous and I don’t want anyone to compete with me. 🙂

I love the text message and the ability to use with my touch screen PC and tablet.

I’ve been in the business for over 25 years and Geelus made it so easy to track down everything in my business even when I’m not in the shop.

The software had a great impact on my business. Thanks to Geelus now I can know who has visited my store and spent $2000 when I’m not there and who did the job. Without it I wouldn’t know…

The customer service rocks! The guy that takes care of my account, I really don’t want to share his time with anyone. He has put me to the next level. Customer service is so knowledgeable not only this software but all other software applications around it.

Anytime I need help, I just need to push a button and someone calls me to help. Highly not recommended! (Read the above 🙂 )

Walid Nassar

Myers park tailors

Myers Park Tailors

Charlotte – US


“Geelus made it all possible.” I’ve been in the industry for over 44 years and I’ve never seen a software as good as this one. As someone who specializes in dry-cleaning and has served Sydney Olympics 2000, this is by far the perfect solution to not only increase productivity but also measure employees’ performance and track the business anytime, anywhere!

I’ve been impressed with geelus for their level of support. Geelus POS system is the best for me. It’s simply amazing!
I would definitely recommend it with no hesitation at all. I believe this is a must for any dry cleaner.

Jeff Gruber


NSW – North Parramatta

Harbour Town Clothing Alterations & Dry Cleaning

Hooray for Geelus!

We have been operating Geelus for 3 months and we have only praise for this software application and the support team.

Having been in the industry for over 25 years, we only wish we had this great software from day one.

These are just some of the benefits:

– Traceability- all alterations can be tracked every step of the process .

– Operator Accountability – the person or persons fitting or completing the alteration are made responsible for the job so quality is assured and problems or faults can be traced back to their source.

– The time clock is valuable in tracking employee presence, simplifies payroll and calculating individual productivity.

– The automatic send text message function is brilliant as the client is made aware that their alteration is ready for pick up the moment it is entered into the Geelus system as complete. This reduces the time, cost and frustration of calling customers to pick up their orders. It also reduces the amount of stock held and that is money in bank and not on the racks!

– It has made us more efficient as we used to handwrite individual dockets. We also don’t waste any more time trying to decipher an individuals handwriting.

– There is practically no paperwork at the end of the day as sales and productivity are all in the system.

Professional image = consumer confidence

MOST importantly the Geelus support team have always been available to explain, coach and to solve problems any time of the day or night.

Make the switch. It will be one the best decisions you make in your business.

Angela Mantzavinos

Harbour Town Alterations

Cnr of Oxley Dr & Brisbane Rd
Biggera Waters, QLD 4216
(07) 5537 6455

Goulburn Dry Cleaners

I love geelus’ easy setup, elimination of paper works and the text message to my customers. Especially the SMS feature really works great for me because my customers come to pickup their items very quickly.

It’s very easy to use and I just need to pick up my phone and ring to get an immediate support if I need to.

I have a drive through store with two entrances so I basically needed a software to run on two computers at the same time dealing with the same data.

Because of the special structure of the software (they call it cloud based) I didn’t need to pay any extra. I’m very happy!

Frank Wilcomes

Goulburn Dry Cleaners

27 Bradley St, Goulburn NSW 2580 ‎
(02) 4821 2487

Just Sew – Clothing Alterations

We understand we are the first UK Company to use the Geelus POS cloud based sewing alteration, tailoring and dry cleaning software. We are a multiple user of the system. We have found the program to be instinctive and the only software we consider to be bespoke for our industry – instead of a fudged dry-cleaning based program.

The program has evolved out of an Australian and North American POS system and to this end the Geelus team have been more than accommodating in adapting the system to UK arrangements and design.

We rate Geelus’s customer service and technical support as first class – there is never a delay in dealing with our questions about increasing our knowledge and understanding of their program.

Having taken the time to evaluate and consider other POS systems we are delighted to say our judgement and investment in the Geelus POS system has proved the program to be an excellent aid for our Customers, our Staff and given us a valuable Management Tool.

We thoroughly recommend the system to our industry.

Simon Wills


London, UK
023 9285 1381

Prestige Alterations & Dry Cleaning

Geelus is “THE SOFTWARE FOR TAILORS!” Since we started using geelus in 2008 we are truly on top of our business. We know if we have made a progress since the previous year, we know if we need to advertise more, we know which one of our employees are performing better and we’ve never gone back to the pen and paper. I can see the new orders in the system even when I’m driving! We don’t worry about any backups or where the data is stored. IT JUST WORKS. I truly recommend it to all clothing alterations and tailors specially if you are like us an agent for a dry cleaner!


Shop 14, 537-551 George St

(Skyview Shopping Plaza),
Sydney NSW 2000, 02 8005 4194

Zippy Clothing Alterations

The Geelus POS system has been of immediate benefit for our business (Zippy Clothing Alterations, Bathurst, NSW). Thanks to Morteza for his patience, support and availability, to ensure we made the transition from our long time paper based system to a computer based system, in the most efficient and painless way possible. Our clients love the real-time SMS alert that their garments are ready for collection, and the level of detail captured by the system means we can really begin to analyse our price points, workflow planning, and targets like never before. I would recommend without hesitation, that any business thinking about making the switch to a truly tailored system should contact Morteza about the Geelus POS at their earliest convenience. It really is that good!

Amanda Killiby

242 Howick St, Bathurst NSW 2795
Phone: 02 6331 1130

Unique Tailors & Cleaners

I switched to Geelus because I wanted to look professional in the eyes of my customers.
Geelus is a convenient software and much faster than writing on piece of paper.

I love the fact that I can customize everything to my taste and I 100% recommend it to all dry cleaning and clothing alterations businesses.

Sonny Ptruong

Unique Tailors & Cleaners

Michigan, US
Phone: 517-347-0800

I Sew

The Geelus POS system is an absolute gem! Moteza is very dedicated to this system and his level of customer service is superior! If I need help, advice or I have a suggestion, Morteza not only listens, he is proactive as well. When I first started I was using endless invoice books, stamping the dockets, writing by hand. Then I was trying to remember when items needed to be ready, and who needed to be called. That was just “the had” to know now stuff! Then every night I would have to tally up the manual dockets and plonk that into an excel spread sheet just to work out how my shop had performed each day. Now that I am using the Geelus POS system, I have at my finger tips everything I need to know. I know what has to be done each day. Who has done what at anytime. My customers love that they get an SMS, they love that their details are in the system. I love that I can treat my customers to such a wonderful tool. That the system allows me to directly email invoices to my account customers is very beneficial. The system also calculates the GST component and that is readily visible and that the docket is clear in every detail. I could go on and on, about how great this system is, but it would be easier if you just ring me! Every clothing alteration business should be using Geelus POS
Suzan Stewart

Shop 2 / 71 High Street
North Rockhampton
Queensland, Australia, 4711
Phone: 07 4819 9382