Seamless payments made for you…
Powered by Geelus!

  • Say goodbye to card fees!
  • Say goodbye to manual amount entry!
  • Say goodbye to keeping the credit card receipts! All saved in Geelus and can be re-printed anytime!
  • Simply click “Card” payment and the amount is immediately sent to your payment terminal.
  • Geelus ensures that the transaction is only submitted when the payment is successful.
  • Direct from us so you’ll get an excellent support!
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Save money!

  • Pay no card fees! Geelus can calculate the fee and add to the total charge.
  • Enjoy our great rates!
  • Save employee times spent on typing the amount.
  • Save cost of paper rolls on non-integrated terminals. One receipt including everything!
  • Save on incorrect charges and hassle of refunds to unhappy customers…

Save time and hassle!

  • Save the time you spend manually typing the amount.
  • Save the time you spend chasing customers for your money on failed transactions marked paid by mistake.
  • Spend ZERO time on card settlements as they are guaranteed to be perfect now!
  • Spend ZERO time on finding transactions incorrectly marked paid by card (when they were actually not)

Deliver amazing experience!

  • Give your customer one professional receipt including the payment information.
  • Deliver faster service and bring smiles to your customers.
  • Get up and running quickly with fully-certified terminals right for your business.

Choice of terminals for every business


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  • Connectivity via SIM (Cellular), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Reduce queue times by accepting payments anywhere on-site.

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  • Connection via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
  • Premium design, full of features and ultra-reliable

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  • Connectivity via SIM (Cellular), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • An all-in-one Android device with printing power


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  • Insert, Tap, Swipe. Accept payments however your customers want to pay with a card reader that does it all.
  • Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz)
  • 2G and 3G

How does integration work?

When it’s time to charge the customer, as soon as you click “Card”, Geelus sends the amount to the payment terminal, eliminating the manual entry and all the mistakes.

  1. Geelus calculates the total
  2. When “Card” clicked, Geelus sends the total amount to your payment terminal.
  3. Geelus awaits the payment result. No more monitoring failed payments as Geelus only submits the transaction when the payment is successful.

How to get started?

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