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InvoicingPoint of SaleSMS & EmailLoyaltyRosteringPickup&DeliveryPaymentsProductivityAppointmentsMarketingInventory

InvoicingPoint of SaleSMS & EmailLoyaltyRosteringPickup&DeliveryPaymentsProductivityAppointmentMarketingInventory

Software for:

  • Alterations
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Laundromats
  • Dressmakers
  • Shoe Repairs

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Award-Winning Excellence

For the past three years, Geelus has consistently been awarded by the world’s leading software comparison platforms for its outstanding achievements:

Functionality & Features: Our commitment to excellence ensures the most efficient and effective user experience.

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Most Recommended: Trusted by industry experts, Geelus is the go-to solution for professionals.

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Best Ease of Use: Designed with our users in mind, Geelus guarantees a seamless and intuitive interface.

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Largest Select Geelus, Choose Geelus and Grow Large!

We realized that to be competitive and to offer a flexible and professional service our POS was the key.  The options with our old system were limited, the Geelus system allows us to develop our customer offer and we will be introducing a delivery service as well as a customer APP.

The Geelus system has comprehensive management and reporting functions allowing our owners to better control their businesses.

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Payments made easy

  • Say goodbye to card fees!
  • Not more manual amount entry!
  • No need to keeping the credit card receipts! All saved in Geelus and can be re-printed anytime!
  • Simply click “Card” payment and the amount is immediately sent to your payment terminal.
  • Geelus ensures that the transaction is only submitted when the payment is successful.
  • Direct from us so you’ll get an excellent support!
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Ultimate Pickup & Delivery System

To build an ultimate pickup & delivery system, we crafted every piece of functionality to help you manage your pickups and deliveries with maximum flexibility.

Everything from drivers to customers are now under your control.

Watch a one minute animation of the amazing features. Find out more.

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Geelus Pickup / Delivery

Take your Business to the Clouds

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Powerful Tooling to Help You Thrive

Through the powerful customer app, your customers can download an app on the phone or access their account on your website.

Simply put the code on your website to allow your customers access their accounts, book for a pickup & delivery or appointments.

The driver access tool, enables your drivers seamlessly view the jobs to be picked up or delivered.

They can then view the destinations on the map or create an automated route to those destinations.

Via the staff rostering tool, you can precisely define your employee working hours.

This will then seamlessly translate to your appointments, pickup & delivery or a predicting tool to allow you to avoid overbooking your days.

Accountant or manager access is only one of the many possibilities that the powerful role system in Geelus offers.

You can create an access for anyone  related to the software and precisely define the access level or limitations. So they get to only see what’s relevant for them.

This eliminates the need for sending the data back and fourth. Furthermore, if your users mark the jobs done or collected, you have reports to help you understand the behavior.

Take advantage of the “Select`n Action tool for anything from racking the clothes, sending text messages to your customers or marking the jobs done or paid.

Simply select one or more actions you wish to be done, and then scan through the pile of receipts, fast and efficient!

Supports all devices, PC, Mac, Tablet, Mobile…

So use your beloved cloud based POS software on your beloved device…

Geelus keeps you in full control of your staff, customers, income, workflow and more…

All your stores at your fingertips

With our multi-store support, you can have all your stores in one place. All your staff reports from time sheet to productivity and sales report is in one place for all your staff.

This means if you have multiple stores and you move your staff around, you can now get the entire report of your employees in one simple report.

Keeping your staff time log has never been easier

Using the multi-store, multi-entry time sheet system in Geelus, you can easily track your staff entry and exit times and pay them accordingly.

You can easily get report for all staff and modify their time logs if necessary. Geelus makes sure, you are always in control.

Geelus’ loyalty system is unmatched

Geelus allows your customers, companies working with you or even people refer you collect points. These points can be later claimed by customers to boost your sales via loyalty system or converted to cash to reward your referrers through referral marketing system.

You can even use your existing loyalty point system through Geelus.

Regardless of what you need, we have a solution for you.

Manage your account customers fast and efficient

Whether you work with a hotel or another dry cleaner / alterations store or even a fashion shop, you are covered.

Using the complete account management system in Geelus, you can easily and efficiently control the flow of your money.

At the end of the month, invoicing is a piece of cake. Your account customers can pay you online and all the orders on the statement will be marked paid.

Furthermore, you can save customer information using our PCI compliant system and charge them later.

Change the theme for a fresh breeze

We have surpercharged Geelus with 42 light and dark themes to choose from

Make everyone responsible

Successful management comes from control. Through the powerful and flexible multi-user and multi-role system in Geelus, you can precisely define who can access what pages. Geelus allows you to create multiple roles and allocate them to your users.

Not only that, Geelus also allows you to define a different role for your employees on each store. Flexibility is at your finger tips with Geelus.

Want to provide different prices for different customers?

No problem!

You can have unlimited number of price books and sell the same item at different prices and track later.

When it comes to placing an order, select the customer or manually select the price book and all your prices will be updated accordingly.

Make things automated!

Have you ever wondered if you can automatically send an email or text message to your customers?  You can now send automated text or email to your customers even with a delay.

Let’s say you would like to send a text message to all customers that collected their items, and they receive it three days after collecting their items. You want to make sure they are satisfied with the job.

Not only that, you can send message, send email, print something or even open your cash drawer upon payment, collection, job process …. It’s a powerful tool to let you automated anything from your marketing to your day to day tasks.

What our customers say

I love the text message and the ability to use with my touch screen PC and tablet. I’ve been in the business for over 25 years and Geelus made it so easy to track down everything in my business even when I’m not in the shop.

The software had a great impact on my business. Thanks to Geelus now more…

“Geelus made it all possible.” I’ve been in the industry for over 44 years and I’ve never seen a software as good as this one. As someone who specializes in dry-cleaning and has served Sydney Olympics 2000, this is by far the perfect solution to not only increase productivity but also measure employees’ performance and track the business anytime, anywhere!

I’ve been impressed with geelus for more …

he Geelus POS system has been of immediate benefit for our business (Zippy Clothing Alterations, Bathurst, NSW). Thanks to Morteza for his patience, support and availability, to ensure we made the transition from our long time paper based system to a computer based system, in the most efficient and painless way possible.

Our clients love the real-time SMS alert that their garments are ready for collection more …

Amanda Killiby, Zippy Clothing Alterations

I’ve been using Geelus Since 2013. The interface is nice, clean and easy to learn but different from the software I was using before. Employees can easily learn it in a few minutes.

It’s been a very reliable system and I’ve been managing both of my stores using Geelus. The fact that I can set up my store the way I want it really helps. Anytime I need help someone is available to call and provide a great support and more …

Claudio Mintzias, Coral Spring Dry Cleaners & Laundry

Use amazing layout system in Geelus to easily access your items

You can categorize your items and show them in different layouts for easy selection.

Simple, Clean, Fast!

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Features at a glance:

  • Clean, modern, user-friendly, easy to learn & train
  • End to End Pickup & Delivery solution for dry cleaners
  • End to End Appointment System for Bridal, Tailoring Studios and Clothing Alterations businesses
  • Loyalty system to boost your business
  • Referral system to manage and reward your referrers
  • Account receivables and Bulk invoicing system
  • Time sheet system to track staff time logs
  • Categories to perfectly manage your sales
  • Support for multiple consecutive transaction numbers
  • Multi layout system
  • Multi user / Multi role support
  • Price books to allow different prices for different customers
  • Fully configurable roles and access
  • Multi register support
  • Support for multi store under one account
  • Multi-store reporting
  • Support for multiple POS printer and print templates
  • Fully configurable receipt and invoices (print and email)
  • Fully configurable text message templates
  • Automated actions to fully control the workflow
  • Micro Processes to manage staff productivity
  • Offline enabled
  • All platforms supported iOS, Android, Windows, Mac Linux even PSP and XBOX!
  • Product sale and stock tracking
  • Payment processing systems to allow your customers pay online
  • Discount/surcharge tracking
  • PCI compliant payment processing to allow save and charge customer credit cards
  • Built on best cloud technology to ensure fast and reliable service quality
  • GDPR compliant
  • Regular Updates and Improvements
  • Stored credit system for refund as credit or to allow manually allocating credit to customers and spend them later

Top Rated on Capterra, Software Advice and GetApp

Geelus is selected the best rated application for clothing alterations and dry cleaning on Capterra, Software Advice and GetApp. Heck, you will be hard pressed to find ANY product on the web with that many sales and a rating that good 😉

5 / 5
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