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SMS/Email notifications
Referral marketing system
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Full customization
Workflow, items, themes, print templates, email templates, SMS templates, payment pages, reports, attributes, and many more.

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Geelus laundry software is cloud based

Geelus laundry software is built on the best cloud technology to ensure fast and reliable service quality .

  • Access from the browser or install on any computer at no extra cost
  • Free upgrades and added features
  • No lock in contracts
  • Free maintenance
  • No worries for data loss or damage by virus or hard disk crash
  • No backup is required. All data is backed up by our powerful servers around the globe
  • Access any time anywhere
  • Mobile reports on all smart phones and tablets
  • Runs on your PC and MAC

Dynamic tools

Manage your laundry business like a pro!

Make use of the combined powerful tools to perfectly manage your store.

  • Bar-code scanning – Includes searchable ID, search for products, as well as search for transactions. Supports all kinds of bar-code scanners.
  • PDF invoicing
  • Offline mode
  • Default due date/time offset in the register
  • Multiple store support – Ability to add more stores to the software
  • Printer support – Support for multiple POS printer and print templates
  • Help pages
  • Product/service search
  • Time sheet – Allows to view all employee’s totals and adding manual entry

Comprehensive reporting

Geelus extensive reports help you truly stand on top of your business. You have security and different access levels to your reports.

  • Accounts receivables and bulk invoicing system
  • Transactions report
  • Payments report
  • Items report
  • Register report
  • Bulk invoice reports
  • Employees report which includes the following: (Employee processes report, employee transactions report, employee time-sheets report, employee comparison report)

Automated actions

Automated actions are the heart of automation in Geelus. You have the ability to set up trigger actions which sets the action needed that triggers the automated action.

  • Open cash drawer
  • Auto send SMS/email
  • Print
  • Mark all done
  • Mark all collected

You can send message, send email, print something or even open your cash drawer upon payment, collection, job process …. It’s a powerful tool to let you automate anything from your marketing to your day to day tasks.

Role based authorization

We take data security and privacy seriously. To keep your data safe from unauthorized access, you will need to select a user “Role” when creating a new user in your system. You can create multiple roles and allocate them to different users. Geelus also allows you to define a different role for your employees on each store, employee roles for data access security (role based authentication).

100% Security

We make sure your data and privacy are well protected. We have automated backups and data protection.

  • GDPR compliant
  • PCI compliant payment processing
  • Secured connection (https)
  • API – Open API for integration with other software applications.

Customize everything


Payment method




Geelus is flexible to give you unlimited power to customize the software to meet your specific laundry business needs.

  • Items and themes – Create your products and services with custom images and choose a theme that matches your taste.
  • Workflow – Customize your workflow and decide what you wish to track (i.e Progress and collection tracking)
  • Templates: Customize your email invoices, text messages (SMS), printed receipts, payment pages and more…
  • Price books – Customize your items with different prices (discounted or wholesale prices) and group them together for your different kinds of customers.
  • Surcharge/Discount – Create and customize surcharge/discounts for your customers.

Over 2500 Businesses Trust Geelus

Great software, incredible support, free updates and 99.999% up time is a dream come true.

Testimonials from our successful customers…

I’ve been using Geelus Since 2013. The interface is nice, clean and easy to learn but different from the software I was using before. Employees can easily learn it in a few minutes.

It’s been a very reliable system and I’ve been managing both of my stores using Geelus. The fact that I can set up my store the way I want it really helps.

Claudio MintziasNameOwner

I really don’t recommend this software to anyone! Because I’m gallous and I don’t want anyone to compete with me.

I love the text message and the ability to use with my touch screen PC and tablet.

I’ve been in the business for over 25 years and Geelus made it so easy to track down everything in my business even when I’m not in the shop.

Walid NassarOwner

We understand we are the first UK Company to use the Geelus POS cloud based sewing alteration, tailoring and dry cleaning software. We are a multiple user of the system.

We have found the program to be instinctive and the only software we consider to be bespoke for our industry – instead of a fudged dry-cleaning based program.

Simon WillsOwner/Manager

Best seller on Capterra

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