Welcome to the February 28, 2023 release of features. We hope you like the latest updates in this version, the highlights are as follows:


  1. Transaction history filters do not look good on mobile. Fixed.
  2. Improved the look of customer-pinned fields.
  3. New role allocation will now apply instantly without refreshing or restarting the app

Bug Fixes

  1. Partially done actions were not triggering automated actions. Fixed
  2. Date format change doesn’t apply when switching stores.
New Important Pinned Fields for customers:
  • Total due
  • Total transactions amount
  • Total transactions count
  • Unpaid count

The new feature allows you to add more pinned fields such as total due, total transactions amount/count, and unpaid count to a customer’s profile. This is incredibly helpful since you are now able to check these data about the customer’s account without having to open the customer’s window. For information on how to create a new pinned field, please refer to this link.

Clicking on one of these pinned fields will launch a pop-up window that displays the customer’s information as shown in the example below

Stripe to support Mexico

We are pleased to announce that our customers in Mexico can now integrate Stripe’s payment processing capabilities into their stores with ease.

Ability to filter by transaction type in multi-store report

The new feature that has been introduced is the ability to filter by transaction type in the multi-store report. This feature allows users to gain greater insight into their business by giving them the ability to filter transactions based on the type of transaction they are looking for. With this new feature, users can now easily analyze and compare the performance of different transaction types across multiple stores.

Role settings to allow editing voided transactions

The new feature of role settings to allow editing voided transactions is an important addition to the functionality of transaction management systems. To use this feature, administrators have to edit roles for users within the system, granting them permission to edit voided transactions. Here is how you can enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Roles
  2. Choose the role to which you would like to grant access to edit voided transactions
  3. Check the box for “Can edit voided transactions”
  4. To save your changes, click the checkmark at the top right corner.